Terracotta Clay



Terracotta Clay

  • Dug straight from the ground
  • Natural terracotta colour
  • Very plastic and workable - Ideal for throwing
  • 10% shrinkage
  • Ideal firing temperature 1050 Degrees C - 1100 Degrees C
  • Fires 1000 Degrees C pink (underfired or bisque), 1090 Degrees C Deep Red, 1150 Degrees C Starting to go brown
  • CLICK HERE for Safety Data Sheet on Terracotta Clay

We produce two types of terracotta clay being:-

  • Unfiltered in 20kg bags - has a granular texture
  • Filtered clay in 15kg bags - has a smooth texture
  • Both are ideal for throwing and hand building


Has a beautiful warm terracotta colour that only nature can produce having come from the earth here in South Australia